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Database Administrator Services

DBA-24x7 provides database administrator services to clients of all sizes without compromising on personal attention to each. We offer managed and professional Oracle, SQL and MySQL services. An impeccable team at DBA-24x7 offers high performance, secure and managed SQL, MySQL and Oracle services.

DBA-24x7 uses secure method of delivering data-driven applications to the Internet. We make use of the latest, cutting-edge technology to maintain the highest level of server availability. We design low-cost, highly scalable databases to meet your current and future requirements. Get the optimal performance from your mission critical database with timely database tweaking and other database optimization activities.

Our team adopts proactive monitoring of your databases and sends notification to a certified team of SQL services, Oracle services and MySQL services to ensure we are the first to know of any problems on your site. We also follow risk management and crisis management so that you can get your system high-performing and efficient, incessantly. Oracle services are required by majority of high-end organizations as it is capable of managing large data warehouses similar to SQL services, which is meant for enterprises. MySQL services are in great demand as it is the most popular and open-source database management technology.

We, at DBA-24x7, also provide remote database overhaul for Oracle, SQL and MySQL services. Hiring SQL service, MySQL service or Oracle service providers from DBA-24x7 can be an extension to your existing in-house team. While, we handle your routine tasks, your team can concentrate on other core business functionalities. Our SQL service team provides cost-effective solutions with extensive experience providing MySQL, SQL server and Oracle services for your databases. Get rid of hiring freezes, high workloads or inexperienced DBAs with an attractive option to hire SQL service providers from DBA-24x7.

Benefits of SQL, Oracle, and MySQL services at DBA-24x7:

  • Industry leading SQL database engine
  • DBO privileges on database
  • Daily backups of databases
  • Unlimited user connections
  • Additional storage available upon request
  • Choice of Internal or External Server
  • Flexible database licensing as you need it
  • Installation Services
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Performance tuning and optimization consulting
  • Scalability Planning


Idhasoft's DBA - 24X7 offers
flexible solutions.
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