Database Administration Service

Database administration service with qualified professionals cost about $80,000 per annum. However, do these provide you with guaranteed database administration services with minimum system downtime? Is your DBA available all the time to support your system during crisis?

DBA-24x7 offers a full range of database administration services for a wide variety of database products. Our Database Administration service engineers are available to help you with every aspect of your database from installation to design to maintenance and monitoring, backup, recovery strategies and procedures. Whether you need basic maintenance or a mission critical solution, our cultivated professionals will develop a plan dedicated to your exact needs.

DBA-24x7 provides a complete database administration services. DBA-24x7 leverages state-of-the-art Oracle database administration services, products and solutions to manage tasks like migrations, replication, data loading, and performance tuning while you concentrate on your core business.

DBA-24x7 has a staff of highly trained, Remote database administration experts in geographically diverse response centers constantly monitoring client databases, fixing problems before they effect the end-users.


  • Efficient risk management and reduced risks through guaranteed service levels, reduced incidents, predictive cost model, and minimized staff turnover impact.
  • Scalable solutions that can support large data volumes in future and aids 'easy to market transition' requirement or Oracle DBA administration.
  • Quick fault recovery, data protection and disaster planning.
  • 24x7x365, industry leading support.
  • End-to-end Database Administration services that can be customized to meet specific needs or compliance requirements.
  • Improved response time, throughput and instance efficiency.
  • Enhanced performance of CPU, memory and disk I/O resources.
  • Flexible delivery and Pricing model.

Clients can avail expertise in Oracle Tech Stack Management, Capacity Planning, Database Installation, Patches & Upgrades & Refreshes and Oracle Applications Patching & Cloning, with knowledge of underlying operating systems (Windows/ Unix/ Linux/ Solaris) and networks, data modeling, database warehousing, and database monitoring.

Being a prominent name in database administrator services, DBA -24x7 also offers consultancy services for designing databases, data modeling, database growth, forecasting, and database migrations. DBA-24x7 also provides specialized database administrator services such as: High Availability Solutions including RAC & DataGuard, Emerging Database Technologies - 11 g and Strategy for lower total cost of ownership.


Cost management: Options are available in terms of your required level. We also facilitate 'pay only for required database administration services'.

Maintenance: Database administration service engineers will create a maintenance plan where we assist with database creation including automated backups and scheduling non-automated maintenance tasks.

Troubleshooting and Support: Troubleshooting Database and making it simpler for user's use is of utmost importance, and therefore, our engineers will troubleshoot connectivity issues with your server, database, and any network issues over TCP/IP protocol with all time availability. Our experts are available 24x7x365 for database and Physical hardware support.

Bugs: Database vendors occasionally release patches to fix specific bugs. DBA -24x7 engineers will install patches as they become available and report patches to you through a maintained patch log.

Complete clustering support: An experienced remote database administration team at DBA-24x7 will install, implement, monitor, and support Cluster setups in an Active/Passive configuration.

Performance tuning: Rewriting queries and tweaking system parameters, thereby reducing potential bottlenecks that could slow or crash your database is the major role performed by experts in order to maintain your database speed and efficiency.

Report Generation: Get full reports on physical disk I/O statistics, query execution time, CPU and memory usage, table locking statistics, and query cache hits.

Complete database recovery: Local or remote backups through remote database administration, available to ensure your data safety. You can also take advantage of our Enterprise-level Tivoli backup solution.

Overall health check: Receive quarterly reviews on how your database is doing including performance, maintenance, and suggestions on how to keep your database running in peak condition.

Proactive approach: Proper tools, right skills, and massive experience is what makes DBA-24x7 an expert providing database administration services. We focus on delivering best services and doing thing the right the very first time in order to avoid performance issues, data loss and downtime.

The goal of proactive database administration service is to avoid any type of system crash and keep your system running all the time for you. Experienced staff at DBA 24x7 helps proactively assess database system and make adjustments to avoid crisis situation.

Remote database administration tailored to your business needs and budget: Our cost effective remote database administration provides customized solutions as per your needs. Options range from monthly database reviews to 24/7 support with guaranteed response times. We understand that most users prefer utilizing full outsourcing service for their entire database.

Reliable database specialists: Information-dependent companies count on DBA-24x7 for design and implementation of Oracle database including various other services like RAC (Real Application Clusters), Oracle outsourcing, Oracle dba administration, remote database administration and much more.