Database Management Security

Increasing cases of information threat and data corruption have underscored the importance of securing corporate networks using database management security. But when considering threats, companies continue to stay under misunderstanding that the threat is purely from external sources; however, the greater challenge today, in terms of Oracle database security, is to secure data from unauthorized access within the organization and to enforce proper use of the database.

To incorporate proper database management security, high scale companies regularly perform threat analysis or threat identification reviews of their networks and deal with the known security issues as best as possible. The area they focus on is the IT boundary. These assessments are performed to maintain Oracle database security keeping an outsider away from your information zone to eliminate the risk associated to your network. This approach is valuable to keep external threats away. However, database management security demands concern about internal threats as about 78% of information theft is committed by trusted employees, says the survey. These employees have access to primary information which may be targeted by eavesdroppers and hackers, alike. Yet, many companies implement various measures to protect their network implementing various security methods paying little attention to database itself.

What DBA-24x7 can offer?

Databases hold the most valuable information yet remains among the least protected parts of your business. With database management security at DBA-24x7, you can remotely audit, control, and secure that data, either as a stand-alone initiative or as part of your get, see, use architecture. When implementing Oracle database security, we understand that traditional border security is insufficient against attacks that take advantage of database-specific vulnerabilities. Also, it provides little protection from insider abuse, especially when dealing with privileged people who have access circumventing application-layer security.

Our skilled DBA's enforce better database management security policies and comply with regulatory requirements. DBA-24x7 provides enhanced Oracle database security and greater insight into user activity. DBA-24x7 uses advanced tool that detects and provides comprehensive report against attacks, configuration errors, and software flaws thereby fixing each one of them as soon as they are detected without taking your server offline, which equals to no system downtime. We offer an ability to patch your database.

DBA-24x7 offers capability to monitor and stop all the access and edits to users irrespective of whether an internal threat, through network, unauthorized access, or unwelcomed outsider.

Services in Oracle RAC

Oracle explains Oracle RAC as a cluster database with a shared cache architecture that overcomes the limitations of traditional shared-nothing and shared-disk approaches to provide highly scalable and available database solutions for all your business applications. The main goal of services in Oracle RAC is to raise the levels of system uptime, which is efficiently performed through Oracle RAC support and services in Oracle RAC. Oracle RAC is a single database to run across cluster of servers. Its amazing fault tolerance, performance and scalability are creating awareness across industries.

DBA-24x7 offers all the benefits already incorporated in Oracle RAC:

  • Continuous uptime for database applications, which means 24x7 availability
  • Highly scalable as it lets you expand its capacity by adding many servers to your cluster
  • Oracle RAC builds the foundation for grid computing
  • Consolidating severs eliminates cost incurred due to downtime
  • Fastest performing clusters that has gained reputation the world over
  • Low hardware cost eliminates the need for high end server because RAC address all the issues that can happen for a company having large databases
  • Helps distributing server load
  • Provides 100% fault tolerance. It will report as soon as instance crashes, which will be restored in no time

We, at DBA-24x7, provide Oracle RAC support and services in Oracle RAC. We have Oracle certified professionals to install, configure and tune your mission-critical RAC database and perform the following on your databases:

  • Determining the Oracle RAC architecture
  • Choosing the best MPP RAC servers and hardware
  • Configuring the Distributed Lock Manager (DLM)
  • Configuring the raw disks for Oracle RAC
  • Installing Oracle RAC software
  • Installing and testing Oracle Transparent Application Failover (TAF)
  • Performance tuning for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)

As database management security deals with data loss, DBA-24x7 also includes Oracle DBA backup and recovery. The focus in Oracle DBA backup and recovery is generally on the physical backup of database files, which permit the full reconstruction of your database. The backup mechanisms that work at the physical level protect against damage at the file level, such as the accidental deletion of a datafile or the failure of a disk drive. Many database management security providers try to protect database with only logical backups; however, we know that an effective backup strategy must be based on physical-level backups. We supplement your staff and save your infrastructure with remote services. Join the experts today to sit back and focus on more productive tasks!