Database Security Management

Database security is a growing concern evidenced by an increase in the number of reported incidents of loss of or unauthorized exposure to sensitive data. As the amount of data collected, retained and shared electronically expands, so does the need to understand database security management. Database security management is a system, processes, and procedures that protect a database from unintended activity, misuse and malicious attacks.

Ideally, database security solutions should provide controlled, protected access to the contents of a database as well as preserve the integrity, consistency, and overall quality of the data. According to Kennesaw State University Journal, at its core, database security management strives to insure that only authenticated users perform authorized activities at authorized times. Database security solutions incorporate a wide array of security topics, notwithstanding, physical security, network security, encryption and authentication. Database security solutions encompasses three constructs: confidentiality or protection of data from unauthorized disclosure, integrity or prevention from unauthorized data access, and availability or the identification of and recovery from hardware and software errors or malicious activity resulting in the denial of data availability.

Security Threats

It is seen that 2/3 of organizations lack adequate database security plan. With Security threats at par, it seems that everyone is after corporate data: cyber thugs, corrupt competitors and even nations seeking inside information via Internet. In addition to external threats, corporate also have a threat from insider identity fraud and unauthorized access to the systems and networks.

This situation has put companies under immense pressure of keeping data secured by updating their database security management. In order to curtail Security threats completely, DBA-24x7 recognize the need to improve policy compliance through more integration and automation of IT controls. We, at DBA-24x7, understand the importance of human resource and, hence, while not eliminating the need for human participation, we incorporate automated risk and compliance tools and standardized security suites for database security management.

Why DBA-24x7?

After learning about threats to your sensitive data, how secured do you feel? As we, at DBA-24x7, understand that data security monitoring is your priority, we provide leading database security, risk, and compliance solutions for your enterprise.

DBA-24x7 provides host-based security monitoring solutions for real-time Oracle security management, including database activity monitoring, vulnerability assessment, database audit, and breach prevention. DBA-24x7 uses tools that monitor database access from the inside and detects even sophisticated attacks from within the database itself (for example, based on stored procedures or triggers). Understanding corporate virtualization and cloud needs, our monitoring tools can be easily deployed in virtualization and cloud computing environments. 24x7 database security monitoring and auditing captures all forms of database activity, from administrative events to user operations, to detect erroneous or malicious activity. Database auditing records all database activity for complete and accurate audit trails, with independent storage for additional security.

We provide the following:

  • Database security management
  • Risk management
  • Security monitoring solutions
  • Integrated database asset management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Audit and threat management
  • Policy management
  • Reporting and analytics solution
  • Configuration & Patch Management
  • Rights Management

Delivering a complete enterprise solution, DBA-24x7 has formed strategic relationships with leading clients for security monitoring solutions. These strategic relationships allow customers to leverage their existing IT investments and integrate the database security, risk, and compliance platform with other industry standard technologies.

Many organizations still manage compliance workflow manually (in the world where technology is growing rapidly), which does not yield effective results in terms of database security management. As a result, operational costs are high, and audit exceptions occur. DBA-24x7 believes that workflow automation streamlines oversight processes and ensures timely task completion. And hence, at DBA-24x7, you will experience the following:

  • Centralized and automated oversight processes including report generation, distribution, electronic sign-offs and escalations
  • Easily created custom processes by graphically specifying your unique combination of workflow steps, actions and users
  • Ensured oversight team members only see data and tasks related to their own roles
  • Improved management effectiveness provides viewing status of all processes under single platform with centralized tools.

With our powerful database security monitoring solutions, we successfully monitor and block malicious activities for our leading clients. We also take care of multi-factor access control, data classification, transparent data encryption, consolidated auditing and reporting and much more, as listed above, so that our customers can deploy reliable data security solutions that do not require any changes to existing applications, saving time and money. Enroll with us today to rest assured while we secure your data!