SQL Services

Great number of organization use MySQL as their database technology. The reason for MySQL to be widely used is its high performance, high reliability and ease of use. Moreover, its open-source nature adds to its advantages. Companies using MySQL as their primary database technologies need experts for MySQL services and to support its issues and that's the task DBA-24x7 handles with ease.

DBA-24x7 acquires extensive experience in implementing and designing solutions for MySQL database. With low prices and cutting-edge technology, it is difficult to compete with us. As MySQL is an open-source, there is a huge community to update and enhance its performance periodically. Team at DBA-24x7 strives hard and stays updated with current technology to keep your database updated all the time.

Enhancing performance through MySQL service is a continuous process. It is necessary for organization to hire reputed professionals like DBA-24x7 to keep their database servers up 24x7. We proactively monitor and tweak databases for minimum or no downtime and optimum performance through MySQL services.

We use latest approaches in our MySQL services management along with sophisticated software for system monitoring and notification, issue tracking, and change management all accessible via an Internet Portal.

DBA-24x7 pledges by lower MySQL services cost, higher availability, and better performance. Being an industry leader and one of pioneers of MySQL services, DBA-24x7 has set a benchmark in MySQL services. You benefit from the strong service culture and DBA best practices we've developed being one of the fastest achievers in the company.

Benefits of MySQL services at DBA-24x7:

  • 24x7 database monitoring and support
  • Flexible, on-demand DBA resources and skills
  • Multi-Platform Database Monitoring and Support
  • Systematic Service Delivery Approach
  • Best Service Level Agreements
  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Tactical and Proactive Database Monitoring
  • Problem Prevention, Identification and Resolution
  • Database Tuning and Maintenance
  • Change Management
  • Migration Management
  • Risk Management