Oracle Database Management

Database management service is a program that lets you create and access data in a database. The DBMS manages user request so that user and other programs are free of understanding where and how the data is physically stored using a multi-user system.

Database management service is an act of managing databases for their continuous optimum performance.

What DBA-24x7 has to offer?

Database is at the core of every information system. Constant creating, collecting and supplying information support various organizational functions like business intelligence, decision making, and customer service. Business is seen to be facing many challenges pertaining to database maintenance and service management of database like performance management and managing complex structures and environments. DBA-24x7 is all set to empower its clients by providing its extensive expertise required during database management service.

DBA-24x7 provides industry leading database management service through its unique service management automation for databases.

Following are the features and benefits of automated database management service:

  • Maximizing database performance for 100 percent Return on Investment.
  • Driving resource and asset utilization
  • Accelerating patching ad provisioning
  • Reducing testing efforts
  • Maximizing application-to-disk performance and availability
  • Elevating administrator productivity and resource utilization
  • Minimizing failures from human error
  • Boosting administrator productivity
  • Saving time and effort managing configuration
  • And many more Oracle database management related activities

DBA-24x7 in core Oracle database management

Oracle database management at DBA-24x7 simplifies the manual tasks performing Oracle design, development, administration, performance and availability. To maximize the investments in enterprise compute grids, DBA-24x7 provides the most comprehensive solution to manage databases in today's 24x7 global data centers.

We provide Oracle specific capabilities for the following:

  • Database management service
  • Performance and availability management
  • Business services management
  • End user management, diagnostics
  • Change, configuration and release management

With respect to Oracle database management, DBA-24x7 also provides:

Development: We offer Industry-leading database development software and service management in database with cost-effective tools and competent technology to increase user productivity and revolutionize your way of working while providing interactive tools to ease your working style.

We ensure the development of high-quality applications that meet user requirements, implement problematic code detection techniques to keep you free of errors and bugs, and validate performance by testing various load scenarios for safe deployment.

Performance management: During Oracle database management, it is extremely critical for an administrator to proactively monitor databases and diagnose database bottlenecks. Also, keeping accountability of throughput and reduced server time is administrator's job. Determining action plans according to historical analysis, reducing or eliminating costly server downtimes is entirely administrators' headache. Administrators, at DBA-24x7, understand their responsibility and perform operations in such a way that users achieve more than 100% satisfaction through our Oracle database management service.

Administration: It is seen that DBAs end-up spending a significant amount of time in performing mundane tasks as DBAs have to handle growing Oracle environment consisting of thousands of instances. Use of native tools, during service management in database, can make this task even complex in increasingly challenging environments.

For optimum Oracle management service, DBA-24x7 simplifies and automates your routine task to reduce the time and decrease performance-related issues. Along with diagnosing and resolving the problems, we mitigate the impact of changes across the Oracle environment.

Back up and recovery: While data is the heart of any corporate working, backup and recovery is the most essential process. We ensure data backup and recovery, cutting down the time it takes, using various performance tools. Various compression techniques are also applied, for service management in database, to reduce the disk space expenditure. We provide data encryption, integration to storage managers, backup size reduction, and support to media manager architecture.

High availability: Replication solution with minimum impact on data availability and network is the task we master in. We use tools that ensure high-availability and data recovery, reduce migration risks, improve system performance, and identify the fastest growing databases, tablespaces and datafiles for planning purposes. Oracle database management at DBA-24x7 effectively implements solutions that bring user high data availability optimizing the online transaction processing system.

Flexibility: With requirement on database management service increasing day-by-day, it is very difficult to find a DBA with superior skill set and flexibility. DBA-24x7 ensures the availability of right resource with the right knowledge to augment your team during project crunches.

Risk Management: Application evaluation, database performance and growth, and mitigating risks improving system time can be done through right analysis techniques using Regular MIS reports and Dashboard generated tracks.