Oracle DBA Services

Business Challenge

To operate at peak efficiency or gain competitive advantage, your organization must be able to respond rapidly to market transition.

Complex and specific infrastructure demands responsive IT strategy that helps you successfully meet your business goals. Oracle DBA services being a key component, maintaining and enhancing Oracle infrastructure can be a challenge.

In order to achieve success over Oracle DBA services, your organization needs maximum expert tools, monitoring techniques, and expert professional to supplement your skills. The proactive approach by DBA-24x7 helps get prepared of a variety of infrastructure challenges–even anticipating problems before they arise.


Customer support, at DBA-24x7, extends right across the globe and we can provide anything from hourly support to full DBA services implementations and training. For some of our clients, we manage the entire Oracle DBA support services infrastructure. For others, we provide Financials Training, out-of-hours Support or ad-hoc Consultancy. This provides us flexibility to enhance the entire Oracle-spectrum for your organization.

Understanding consumer requirement is of utmost importance in Oracle support services and the most basic step towards understanding is working close to client and reporting every change. Team, at DBA-24x7, is well-disposed to carefully work according to client's requirement while being close to them, understanding their requirements and providing 24x7x365 days support.

Oracle has evolved into one of the world's most complex database management systems, and it takes years of training to master all of the complexities of the Oracle DBA support services. Oracle DBAs are also segmenting themselves into specialty areas, targeting Oracle DBA niche markets such as data warehousing, performance tuning, and Oracle applications support. We understand how difficult it is to find an experienced Oracle DBA general practitioner. However, we own a few of them.

Learn more about DBA-24x7

Our end-to-end DBA support services comprise of IT Consulting, Implementation, Resourcing and Training. DBA-24x7 has been providing the very latest DBA support and services. Having experts with atleast an experience of a decade in Oracle, you can rest assured of your database performance. We provide Oracle DBA support services and Remote DBA support services for live production databases from Oracle database versions 7.3 to Oracle 11g. Flexible options are provided to choose between onsite Oracle DBA services or remote Oracle support services.

Now, acquire paramount DBA services anytime, irrespective of geographical differences. With our database optimization knowledge and carefully laid out processes, DBA-24x7 is the ideal technology partner for businesses of all sizes. Starting from Database troubleshooting to performance tuning, DBA-24x7 gives you the best exposure to functioning of your database.

Oracle DBA services, at DBA-24x7, offers the following and more:

  • Installation, Managing, Troubleshooting and Monitoring Oracle RAC Databases.
  • Oracle DBA support services include Upgrade and Migration.
  • Deployment of Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g and implementing certain new features like ASM, FGCA, ADDM, VPD, Automatic Shared Memory Management, AWR, ADDM, Caching and Pooling, Flashback Recovery, Partitioning table, Securefiles, Dataguard, Oracle Replication, Oracle Stream, Secure Backup, Advance Security, Advance SQL Tuning etc.
  • Oracle Performance Tuning & Smart Computing
  • Disaster Management Deployment and Administration is a part of DBA services
  • Monthly Health Checkup for Oracle Database Servers and Operating Systems

Also, Implementation of Databases and Modules is done as DBA support services, as follows:

  • Implementing Advance Security
  • Implementing Oracle Partition Feature
  • Implementing Resource Manager
  • Implementing change control procedures
  • Implementing Data Guard
  • Implementing Real Application Testing
  • Automation of daily tasks and house keeping
  • Implementation of Oracle Gateway
  • Implementation of Automatic Shared memory structure

Some of the Migration and other DBA services are as follows:

  • Oracle Network Tuning
  • Oracle Design Reviews
  • UNIX support for AIX, HP/UX, Solaris, Linux
  • Oracle Data Migrations
  • Oracle Database Schema modifications
  • Oracle Disk architecture and Disk load balancing
  • Up gradation and migration of Oracle Databases
  • Sharing and balancing load and disk IO

Customer Satisfaction zone

Your company demand for high availability and scalability is fulfilled via our strong SLA management approach. It is our unwavering commitment to set very high standards in DBA support services and to make sure that the technology needs of your business are met in a reliable manner. Providing more than 100% satisfaction to our customers forms our niche. A list of esteemed clients and their testimonials prove our efficiency and effective DBA support services.