About Idhasoft

Oracle being the most widely used database, it has potential to deal with the most complex database environments. Running on all industry-standard platforms, Oracle databases acquire the top-most position in the industry. DBA-24x7 provides expert Oracle services to give you the best performance out of your Oracle database.

We offer various Oracle support services to tweak or optimize your database for smooth functioning on daily basis. Our proficient team offers Oracle support services such as Installation, Managing, Troubleshooting, Monitoring of Oracle RAC Databases, Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration, Oracle Performance Tuning and more. Security being the major concern for all business, as data is a crucial element; DBA-24x7 offers secure and reliable Oracle support services to meet this need.

We specialize in working on a 24x7x365 environment. We can also customize a cost-effective support plan and a disaster recovery plan based on your requirements. With Oracle service at DBA-24x7, you gain database control over your finger tips. Our team adds tremendous value to your database by minimizing downtime, optimizing system performance, and meeting your budget constraints.

Oracle services help your organization in the following way:

Higher Availability: Automatic failover infrastructure through Oracle services helps all participating applications gain benefit and give you 100% uptime.

Cost Savings: Oracle service allows better hardware utilization and use of cheaper commodity servers assist in significant cost savings for your organization.

Risk Management: Managed environment, disciplined and centralized process and procedures help mitigating existing risks and avoids future risks.

Services through centralization: Centralization brings better control over data and organizations can benefit through skilled database administrators.

Oracle Support services from DBA-24x7 brings following benefits:

  • Reduced administration
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced data centre costs
  • Reduced data centre hosting costs
  • Improved service management.
  • Higher Uptime/Availability
  • Global 24x7 Support
  • Increased reliability and availability
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved infrastructure agility
  • Improved consistency
  • Better integration