Database Administration Services


The complexities of database administration are often an ongoing challenge for businesses. Hiring and training database administrators (DBAs) both take time and money. And even when hired, DBAs typically must spend most of their time managing day-to-day system operations with little time to focus on strategic IT initiatives. And given the reality of holidays, vacations, and work schedules, even a team of DBAs cannot possibly monitor and provide 24/7 support for systems.

As a result, mission-critical applications need to be supported 24x7. Remote Database Administration services can provide the very necessary 24x7 support to take care of database administration tasks ranging from mundane work to specialized solutions like RAC & DataGaurd. Typically, the services offer proactive Oracle monitoring solutions that include expert methods that create a preemptive protection layer to ensure continuous availability of all mission critical Oracle databases and all aspects of Oracle, including the server, disk, and network.

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