SQL Database Managemen

SQL server is being used by almost every enterprise user due to its amazing flexibility and enterprise-based solutions. What makes SQL server stand out from other RDBMS is its features and other bells and whistles it comes with. Some of its features include Easy integration with common databases and Microsoft OS, user-friendly interface, easy to create maintenance plan, integrated security, mixed authentication and disaster recovery. Enterprises are turning to SQL server databases more than ever, and therefore, there is high need for SQL Database Management System Services.

DBA-24x7 helps you streamline database storage management while simplifying storage layout planning, backup, and restore operations for SQL Server databases. Our SQL Database Management services consist of reactive and proactive activities. We provide out-of-the box capabilities to push your database into excellent performing, highly available database.

DBA-24x7 offers SQL Database Management in the form of design, development and consultancy services. Offering services from single server departmental databases to large data warehouses, our SQL Database Management System services include Database Administration, Maintenance and Upgrading, and Security and Content Integrity. Daily transaction processing, random inquiries and analysis plays the basic, but, vital role in DBA-24x7's SQL Database Management services.

Our SQL Database Management System services include:

  • Database Administration: Our SQL Database management System services include Database Performing Tuning, Backup and Recovery, Remote-offsite backup or mirroring, troubleshooting database errors, and much more.
  • Maintenance and Upgrading: Apart from providing technology to meet client requirements, we also offer application maintenance and constant updates.
  • Security and Content Integrity: Securing the database is of utmost importance. We mitigate the risk of data loss or theft and secure database from unauthorized access. We are specialized in security and disaster management techniques.

We also offer services as follows:

  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • SQL Server Analysis Services
  • SQL Server Reporting Services