SQL Data Services

Are you troubled from slow database performance? Is your SQL Server database monitored regularly? Does your SQL Server database have increased down time? DBA-24x7 provides an expert solution to all your SQL Server database needs irrespective of its complexity. We, at DBA-24x7, offer comprehensive solution for crisis ranging from database monitoring, applying proactive techniques to solving major errors in your database and enhance its up-time.

Maximize efficiency with DBA services provided by DBA-24x7. We offer large scale multi-DBMS administration, data archival for long term retrieval, data conversions, installation and maintenance. Our DBA performs implementation of your robust database infrastructure and 24x7 monitoring and troubleshooting.

We have a collection of experienced DBAs who create and manage complex SQL server database for many of our high-end and aristocratic customers. We use latest approaches in our remote DBA service management along with sophisticated software for system monitoring and notification, issue tracking, and change management all accessible via an Internet Portal.

Whether you need assistance for managing your corporate databases or running a data center, DBA-24x7 is your reliable partner. When everything is about "Better, faster and cost-effective", DBA-24x7 enhances existing SQL Server database functionalities and offers many new features to save energy, time and money.

Our wide range of services includes:

  • Installation, Managing, Troubleshooting and Monitoring of SQL Server database.
  • SQL Server database Upgrade and Migration.
  • Deployment of SQL Server database new features such as Encryption at rest, Filtered indexes, sparse column support, performance data collector, Resource governor, report builder, Integration services, etc. Oracle Performance Tuning & Smart Computing.
  • Oracle Performance Tuning & Smart Computing.
  • Disaster Management Deployment and Administration.
  • Monthly Health Checkup for Oracle Database Servers and Operating Systems.

At DBA-24x7 also offers the following for your SQL Server database:

  • Establishing and monitoring backups
  • Health monitoring; Check SQL error log; Job completion checks
  • Managing server security and permissions
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Performance tuning
  • Monitoring performance
  • Availing developer support