SQL Server Monitoring

SQL server is more than ever being chosen in maximum enterprises as best performing, highly-scalable database solutions for large and critical business systems; which is why, more users than ever before are blocked in their daily activity when the database is not available, or in a bad shape. It is a DBA's responsibility to check the health of its servers on a regular basis. It is necessary to keep and eye 24x7 on the server performance, which further helps in mitigating any sort of risk.

Observing the behavior of SQL server is the foremost activity so that your server performs its best. Monitoring SQL server, at DBA-24x7, is one such activity that keeps track of server performance. Businesses today use information from a wide range of data sources, which requires server functioning all the time. SQL server monitoring is a simplified means to keep watch on your SQL Servers.

DBA-24x7 provides a web client that helps you visualize and manage SQL Server Database farms and provides in-depth SQL server monitoring data that helps you make educated decisions about usage patterns, plan capacity and alarm you of impending problems. DBA-24x7 supports performance monitoring, which is based either locally or remotely that allows admin greater control in monitoring SQL Server. Following are some activities performed by DBA-24x7 as SQL server monitoring:

  • Detecting SQL Servers on your network
  • Instantly accessing charts of data vital to server health
  • Creating multiple widgets to monitor what you want
  • Monitoring SQL Server size, connection speed & more

Some of the components that are monitored as follows:

  • Memory Usage
  • Buffer Manager Statistics
  • Connection Statistics
  • Cache Details
  • Lock Details
  • SQL Statistics
  • Latch Details
  • Access Method Details
  • Database Details
  • Scheduled Jobs

Our DBAs can monitor additional performance metrics, custom database tables and even monitor and expose Business Metrics to Line of Business Managers. DBA-24x7 offers comprehensive SQL server monitoring with cutting-edge tools to meet and fix your business challenges.