SQL Server Reporting Service

SQL Server Reporting Service is a server-based enterprise reporting environment, managed through web services, that delivers a variety of interactive and printed reports. The success of organization depends on information sharing and transforming valuable enterprise data into shared information for insightful, timely decisions at a lower total cost of ownership, and SQL Server Reporting Services does exactly that.

SQL Reporting Services empower every business user with interactive, personalized, and relevant reports or simply enable them to build their own reports. With SQL Server Reporting Services, you can create, schedule, publish and manage a multitude of reports using a variety of data sources.

Role of DBA-24x7 in SQL Reporting Services:

We, at DBA-24x7, possess a skilled team specialized for SQL Server-related business needs. This specialized team is responsible to enhance your organization's performance bringing SQL Reporting Services to life.

We implement SQL Reporting Services so that our customers can enjoy the benefits of both: the creation, management, and delivery of traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, Web-based reports.

In order to support your daily operations and critical business decisions, we implement the combined SQL reporting services. The data management capabilities of SQL server can be combined with the most powerful Microsoft office to let you easily share information in real-time.

SQL Server Reporting Services allows building and maintaining web-based graphs and charts to represent complex data and allows easy sharing of vital information across your organization.

Following are the features for SQL Reporting Services:

  • Easy access to report formats
  • Easy to navigate drill-down actions
  • Chart and Graph options
  • Customized filtering
  • Flexible report views
  • Sub-reports
  • Table view
  • And many more

Database administration team at DBA-24x7 chooses the best optimization for your business regardless of the complexity of the SQL query.