SQL server services

DBA-24x7 has established itself as an expert in SQL server services. We design, build and offer perfect hosting solutions specific to your organizations' need. DBA-24x7 also provides upgradation of SQL server version; so that, your database keeps delivering immediate results for existing applications, and continue to deliver results as you enhance existing applications and develop new applications to fully exploit the expanded capabilities.

Today's business environment demands a comprehensive SQL server services that deliver business results with efficiency. At DBA-24x7, SQL Server services are designed to lower upfront implementation and ongoing maintenance costs. We take complete ownership of SQL Server services or environments. Our impeccable team utilizes their extensive experience and industry best practices to ensure that your systems are efficiently managed and always operating at peak performance.

Our DBAs formulate flawless solutions derived from extensive research. These solutions are then sorted as per customer's need and implemented perfectly with an only intention of delivering the best SQL server services.

Our SQL Server services have a capability to raise impressive component-level performance, from the relational engine to business intelligence. DBA-24x7 offers exceptional data availability and manageability, hardened security, and the ability to scale demanding systems.

Tasks preformed as a part of SQL server services are as follows:

  • SQL Server support
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Database health checkup
  • Patch implementation
  • Security policy
  • Performance tuning
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Disaster recovery sites.
  • Replication of SQL Server database
  • Implementation of log shipping
  • Reorganization of database
  • SQL server clustering
  • Risk Management

Benefits of SQL server services at DBA-24x7:

  • End to end responsibility with complete project management
  • Active Consulting , Managing and Monitoring
  • Running database at optimum performance
  • Comprehensive documentation and MIS
  • Increase ROI on your technology investment