SQL Services

SQL is both an easy-to-understand language and a comprehensive tool for managing data. SQL lets you extract, combine, manipulate, and organize data with less programming than traditional methods. SQL services can be highly optimized with more complex algorithms, queries, record sets, by producing faster running code. SQL is flexible and can be used interactively. Following a cross-platform standard, SQL makes its code portable for usage. It is designed to be scalable and flexible. One main advantage of using SQL Services is the use of stored procedures. The use of stored procedures centralizes code, so that troubleshooting bad database requests can be observed by a database administrator.

Features of SQL

  • Vendor independence
  • Portability across computer systems
  • SQL standards
  • Microsoft commitment (SQL Server, ODBC, and ADO)
  • High-level, English-like structure
  • Interactive, ad hoc queries
  • Programmatic database access
  • Multiple views of data
  • Complete database language
  • Java integration (JDBC)
  • Industry infrastructure

SQL Services at DBA-24x7

Through as dedicated team at DBA-24x7, we offer a full spectrum to SQL services. The prime focus of delivering SQL services, at DBA-24x7, is to ensure that our customer's database environments are working 24x7. We have a specialized team to reach out to each of our clients so that the administration & monitoring system is smooth and uninterrupted.

Along with proactive monitoring of your database, we also perform professional services such as query optimization, log file maintenance, server performance diagnostics, etc. These SQL services would tweak your database so that your SQL database performs to the optimum.

We understand that your database keeps growing with business growth, and hence, offer complete extensibility as a branch of SQL services.

SQL services provided at DBA-24x7 comprises of the following:

  • Installation
  • Convenient monthly licensing
  • Optional live database backup agent
  • Basic troubleshooting assistance
  • Standard maintenance plan
  • Initial environment assessment and performance recommendations
  • Database performance monitoring
  • DBA consultation for performance improvement
  • And much more